Lovely end to the exhibition year

2018 year's last exhibition was Nordic Dogshow, the Swedish winner's exhibition at the Stockholm Dog Show on 8 December.
It was 32 participating Yorkshireterrier, of which 19 females, very fierce competition.

My Lovely "Madame" SE uch, DK ch Pearl ting La Bohéme Won over all the females and thus became Best Female And BOS With Nordic Cert and new title SWEDISH WINNER 2018.
Judge was: Per K. Andersen of Norway.
I would like to extend a big thank you to Madame's breeder Ann-Katrin A For all the support and for this nice tik that you chose out to me just over 3 years ago.

I am so happy. Now I look forward with excitement towards 2019 and the possibilities that are there.

1 puppy born 11/6 2018

The puppy is not for sale.

The mother of the puppies is  SE UCH Debonaire's Go Get Lucky.

Father is C.I.B. DK CH NO UCH North V-10 SE UCH SE V-10 Debonaire's Passion For Class.

Debonaire's Passion For Class
Debonaire's Go Get lucky

Puppy's pedigree


Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
C.I.B. DK CH NO UCH North V-10 SE UCH SE V-10 Debonaire's Passion For Class DK uch NO CH SE ch Debonaire's Classy Connection INT UCH LU CH PL CH VDH CH Handsome Roy Of Padawi's
INT UCH NORD CH SE V-97 See V-99 Debonaire's French Connection
 Debonaire's Million Bubbles AU CH Lil's MR Nice Guy
SE ch Debonaire's Million Roses
SE UCH Debonaire's Go Get Lucky C.I.B. DK UCH FI UCH SE UCH Estugo's as Good As It Gets CR CH SE UCH Estugo's Leonidas
CR CH ES CH GI CH PT CH US CH Estugo's Rosie Thorn
Debonaire's Keep On walking Debonaire's Jolly Odd Fellow
Debonaire's Sugar Cake

Camper Tour in August 2018

After a lovely tour with dogs and motorhome, I can say that it made a taste, both due to wonderful experiences on the road and wonderful exhibition results. At 5 exhibitions we gathered together
3 Bob, 1 BIG 4, 1 Nordic cc and a regular CAC. Very satisfied. And so lovely meetings and experiences in our beautiful country.