SE UCH Debonaire's Go Get Lucky


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I got the privilege of buying this lovely dog from Bernice Undén in July 2014. A wonderful little York that enriches my life every day. Her pedigree is full of important Yorkshireterrier of all time. I'm excited to see her future offspring.
Her first exhibition was at SYTS annual Breedspecial in October 2014. It was a success and she was BIS-puppy. Judge was the race specialist Lucienne Van Beveren Guldemont.
In 2015 she was exhibited quite sparingly during the year and received 3 CC. The Swedish championship was captured in Tvååker 2016 for Judge Mette S.
Lucky has a CACIB.

She is prcd-pra free

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
C.I.B. DK UCH FI UCH SE UCH Estugo's as Good As It Gets CR CH SE UCH Estugo's Leonidas Estugo's Intimidator
Estugo's Ramona
CR CH ES CH GI CH PT CH US CH Estugo's Rosie Thorn Estugo's Simon
US CH Estugo's Prudence
Debonaire's Keep On walking Debonaire's Jolly Odd Fellow C.I.B. DK UCH KBH V-08 NO UCH SE UCH Elillott's He's A Magic favorite
DK CH FI CH INT UCH NO CH SE CH Debonaire's It Had To be You
Debonaire's Sugar Cake SE UCH Lil's Jewel In The Crown
Debonaire's Million Memories