About the breed


Yorkshireterrier comes from the same area as Airedale terrier and was first seen in the 1850 century. The old black and tan terrier has begot the Yorkshireterriern, as well as other breeds such as Malteses and Skyeterrier. The breed name was accepted 1870. The breed's terrier image includes the hunting instinct, whether it is a toy indoors or a rodent in the garden.

General Appearance

Long-coated, coat hanging quite straight and evenly down each side, a parting extending from nose to end of tail. Very compact and neat, carriage very upright conveying an important air. General outline conveying impression of vigorous and well proportioned body.

Behaviour and character

Alert, intelligent toy terrier. Spirited with even disposition.

More about the breed

The Swedish Kennel Club's full breed description can be found here.