In the summer of 2021, you will finally be going to exhibitions again. I first reported Min Löwchen, Wanted As Joyful, to the Special Stand, which was held at Degernäs camping. It was fun and rainy but pleased with the first exhibition. Then came 5 exhibitions with amazing results. Put my 2 young yorkers, Hot Pots Love Me Now and Hot Pots Love Story, also for training sake, it went better and better so they got good training after 1 year without barely social training. Now I am looking forward to 2022 which will first start with puppies and then I hope for exhibitions from April.

Mickan (Wanted As Joyful) was to my great pleasure named 2a in the competition for the LÖWCHEN OF THE YEAR. So funny 🙂 beaten with just 1 point by his half-brother 🙂

Ken was also placed in this year's top lists in his race. 8th in Newcomer of the Year and 7th in the competition for Best Junior of the Year. So proud of this little dog 🙂

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