SE UCH, DKUCH Wanted As Joyful

I have been trying for some time to find a second breed that complements my yorks. In the end, my choice fell on a wonderful breed, Löwchen. What a wonderful dog I got. in November 2019, I contacted Jari Partanen at kennel Wanted in Norway for the first time. After much googling I had understood that it is a very good breeder of Löwchen. In February they had mated a couple of bitches, and when the puppies were born in March2020, it was clear that I had a crush on one of the bitches in one of the litters. How exciting. So professionally handled by them in terms of describing and filming and live chatting so I could choose. Because of the pandemic I couldn't go there but when I finally chose the bitch we met on the border in June and I got my beloved "Mickan". 2021 was the first year we tried some shows in the summer. It was at the Löwchenspecial we debuted where she became BIS 4a Young dog and got a prize for best head and expression.Then it was 5 official shows where she won cert at all plus 2 nordic cert and 1 cacib in Sweden. He went with 2 shows in Denmark also with 2 Cacib with home Mickan became the most left bitch of the year 2021..

In 2022 Mickan has become Swedish and Danish Show Champion and she also became this year, the most left bitch of the year.

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